Service and guarantee

Twinny Load provides the necessary service support to all its distributors, enabling you as the consumer to go to your place of purchase for direct service, guarantee and/or repairs.

Should your place of purchase, for whatever reason, be unable to provide you with the support you need, you can make use of our Twinny Load Service Center. By filling in the contact form below, our Service Team will be able to deal with your query immediately.

Attention: In order to ensure your query is dealt with quickly and adequately it is important you send your receipt and photos through ‘upload images’.


Legal warranty

When you buy a product, you are always entitled to a good product, provided you use the product normally. If a product does not comply, he will fully comply with the warranty provisions from the Civil Code towards you. In any case, you must contact us within two months of discovering the defect. After your notification, we will investigate whether the defect can be easily repaired or whether he can replace the product and / or the defective parts. If this is not possible in whole or in part, in the short term (within 21 calendar days), we offer you the opportunity to terminate the agreement. You will then receive (part of) the purchase price back from us. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

Step-by-step guarantee

If an item is defective within the warranty period, please contact our customer service:


Your complaint must meet the following conditions:

Your complaint must contain the following information: name, address, place of residence and contact details.
A clear description of the complaint.
Any proof of purchase..


A complaint can be reported by post to the following address

Twinny Load customer service
Jeverweg 12
9723 JE Groningen

or send an email to:

By phone:

A complaint can be reported via telephone number +31 (0) 50 5445332

Our employees of will review the complaint and try to resolve the complaint to everyone’s satisfaction. After receiving your complaint you will receive a confirmation from us. We will answer your complaint within 14 days of receipt, if it needs more time, we will notify you. If you do not appreciate this, you can always contact the mediation department of Stichting Webshop Keurmerk to which is affiliated. If the mediation attempt does not lead to a satisfactory solution for any reason, it is possible to submit your dispute to the Disputes Committee (SGC).

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