Twinnyload Bicycle carrier e-Carrier Basic (Swing-joint) ->50kg

SKU: TL 627913033

The RDW approved Twinny Load e-Carrier Basic is a robust bike carrier for 2 (electric) bicyles. Convenient and easy to assemble on the rear towing hook through the swing link.

Note! The maximum load of 50kg means 2 electric bicycles without battery, 1 electric bicycle with battery + 1 normal bicycle, or 2 normal bicycles.

Twinny Load | We like your bike!

With the solid Twinny Load bicycle carriers mounted on your car you will always have your bike on hand, for practical purposes or for making cycling trips. Twinny Load offers several models, so there is always a suitable bicycle carrier available for you. Twinny Load bicycle carriers comply with European directives and are easy to use. Aditionally, Twinny Load offers various accessories and parts such as adapters, light bars, caravan attachments and ramps. Twinnyload makes sure that you will transport your bikes safely, stable and easy.

• RDW approved (E4-26R)
• Material: Metal / Aluminum / Plastic
• Size: approx. 1360x580x825 mm
• Packaging dimensions: 800x580x220 mm
• Coupling on rear towing hook: Swing link
• Tilting: Yes, manual
• Foldable: No
• Carrier weight: 13 kg
• Net taxable weight: 50 kg
• Number of bicycles: 2 (electric) bikes
• Carrier lockable on vehicle: available as accessory
• Bike lockable on carrier: No
• Lighting 7/13 pole connector: 13 pin
• Lighting: Yes (5-mode)
• Wheel gutters: Aluminum
• Wheel mounting: Straps
• Warranty: 2 years

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