FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Which attachment do I need on my towbar? (for a Twinny Load with a classic coupling, 2 pins with a length of 65mm)

The right solution depends on the shape and size of your towbar. See the solution table for different tow bars. The bars of a carrier must stick at least 25mm into the tubes.

What does the warranty apply to?

You have a warranty on material and production errors. If you have a warranty case, please contact the dealer where you purchased your Twinny Load product. Take your purchase receipt with you. Loss of parts and damage caused by improper use are not covered by the warranty.

What weight of bicycles can I take on my Twinny Load?

Twinny Load carriers can be loaded with a maximum load of 58kg as far as the ball pressure of your car allows. The total weight of Twinny Load and bicycles must not exceed the maximum ball pressure. The maximum permissible towball pressure can be found on the nameplate next to the towbar or in the instruction manual of your towbar.

My Twinny Load with shortcut hangs back, how is that possible?

If a Twinny Load is hanging back, there can be 2 causes:

  1. A problem with the Twinny Load
  2. The towbar hangs backwards and is therefore incorrectly mounted.

It is best to find the cause by trying the carrier on a different towbar (of a different brand). If the tow bar is the cause, this problem will occur with any brand of bicycle carrier. Some Twinny Load carriers can be corrected several degrees in relation to the coupling, consult your manual. See also this picture.

A bicycle carrier always rests against the rear of the towbar neck, just below the ball. If a bicycle carrier does not support against this place, it will continue to recline until it does.

How do I adjust the Guide Bus properly with a Twinny Load with classic coupling?

When mounting the Guide Bush, make sure that the tubes are mounted vertically and that the center of the tubes runs almost through the center of the ball (picture 1). The guide bush must be long enough so that the distance between the carrier stop and the top of the guide bush is a minimum of 5 mm and a maximum of 40 mm (Figure 2).

My old Guide Bushes were round, do the current Square Tube Guide Bush also fit my Twinny Load?

The Guide tube with square tubes is suitable for any Twinny Load with a classic coupling (with the 2 round pins).

Can I transport electric bicycles on a crank-mounted carrier?

The transport of an e-bike is possible on a carrier with 3rd generation crank system. Provided that your bikes fit this system. Mid-engined bicycles do not fit. Also bicycles where cables run under the bottom bracket shell cannot be transported on this system. Finally, bicycles with a protruding frame part under the bottom bracket shell do not fit (see picture).

Carriers with 1st and 2nd generation crank system are not suitable for electric bicycles.