About Twinny Load

Since its foundation at the beginning of the 80s, Twinny Load has developed to become a specialist when it comes to bicycle carriers. With offices in the Netherlands and the Far East, Twinny Load combines years of experience and expertise for their own production capacity. This has lead to a unique line of high quality bicycle carriers that have been developed according to our core values: ‘quality, functionality, reliability and safety’.

Our Vision

With more than 1 million bicycle carriers sold, Twinny Load is a leading player in the bicycle transportation market. A result that can only be achieved through Twinny Load’s transparent vision.

The Vision,

We develop and produce high quality bicycle carriers that are fully geared towards the wishes and demands of the current market, which means we can offer every consumer a solution to suit their needs.

In addition to its selection of bicycle carriers, Twinny Load has extended this with all sorts of transport-related ranges, including Twinny Load tie down straps and luggage straps, Twinny Load roof carriers, Twinny Load trailer parts, Twinny Load bicycle covers,… and new developments are on their way!

Business Concept

Twinny Load designs, develops and produces bicycle carriers. Our target group is aimed at consumers who, when choosing a bicycle carrier, value Functionality, Quality and Safety, in combination with a high level of after sales service.